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    In the end, the children find
    it interesting to fill them in all about
    their adventures and family stories!

  • People will often
    give you a detailed tour of
    the underside of the bus that they
    will throw you under later!

  • It's a good day
    when a goddess gets on the
    school-bus with you!

About us


Kalra Bus Service at Bareilly is one of well known travel agent and Bus operator among the tourist from all over the world, touring India. To prove our credibility, this is fact that during the working of last 61 years, we gained trust of nos. of guest from all prominent countries as well as from Non-Resident Indians (NRI). Serving with personalised service providing vehicle for Marriage Parties, Reserve Parties, Picnic, Excursion tours etc & also arranging Corporate tours for picnic & excursion.
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Our Services & Sites

  • 3560COMPLETED Tours

Tourist Buses

Tourist Buses & Mini Buses for sightseeing / excursions and other parties.

Tempo Travel

Tempo Travel & Tata winger. The company is organizing package tours/ school tours.

Tourist taxi

All categories of tourist taxi cars for tourist and other clients.

Services to School

Besides the regular transport the company has huge experience of providing their services to School & Factories.

Service for picnic

The company also has an experience of providing personalised service for MNC picnic, Meeting & Conferences.

Service for Meeting

The company has also employed their school buses with some of the leading schools of Bareilly


We trust in our employees because we choose smart, experienced, and hard working professionals. starting Tours off on their best footing.
If you want to contact us about any issue please call 0581-3290609, 09837038204, 09319910592. If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration simply Contact Us.

General Question

  • How many people can fit into a yellow taxicab?

    The maximum amount of passengers allowed in a yellow taxicab by law is four (4) in a four (4) passenger taxicab or five (5) passengers in a five (5) passenger taxicab, except that an additional passenger must be accepted if such passenger is under the age of seven (7) and is held on the lap of an adult passenger seated in the rear.

  • What is a medallion and why is it important to get the receipt after the trip?

    The medallion number, which is located on the hood, license plate and top of the taxicab as well as on the partition and your receipt, is the four-letter/number combination unique to that cab. It is comprised of a number, followed by a letter, followed by two numbers. If you lost property in a cab or wish to complain about or compliment a driver, the TLC can identify the driver/taxicab from the medallion number. Without this information or the name of the driver and the license number, it is difficult to identify the taxicab without the driver first contacting the TLC or the passenger. It is a good idea to always take a receipt when exiting the taxicab.

  • Using a Credit Card in a Taxicab

    Yes, drivers accept credit/debit cards for all fares; there are no minimums or fees to use your credit/debit card.

  • What if a driver says the system is not working?

    The passenger should note the medallion number and go to 311 Online. Drivers are permitted to work with a broken system for up to 48 hours as long as they have reported the problem and are awaiting repair. Almost all (90%) system repairs must be completed within six hours.

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Our Best Drivers

Great bus drivers don’t just drive, they care. They take every step possible to give their passengers a memorable experience.

Abhiraj Pal

Bus Driver

Shekhar Singh

Van Driver

Nihal Singh

Car Driver



About Us

We have a bus fleet of 50 large and small coaches at our disposal, ranging from 12, 14, 18, 24, 33 & 50 seater coaches. Our bus fleet size means that we are in a position to handle all transport requirements, from short trip training seasons to long distance weekends away.

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